FourMile Canyon Reconstruction Plans SEPT. Update

From our FourMile Activist — thank you Valerie:

Dear Friends of Four Mile Canyon: 

There’s News!

My husband, Tom Conway, and I met Sept. 22nd with BOCO Transportation Director George Gerstle, Project Manager Dan DeLange and others, on our property, and reviewed the redesign for our immediate section of Four Mile Canyon Drive (4582) affecting the North Section of roadway. 

Take Away—BOCO representatives listened at the July 28th Community Meeting and heard our concerns.

Valerie Conway with Save Fourmile CanyonTheir redesigned plans show a significant reductions in canyon excavation in both the North and South Sections. (Please go to our Save Fourmile Canyon website  to read the ‘September 2015 Update on Design’ letter from Director Gerstle). Actual PDF’s of the plans are not yet posted.

Where is this all headed?

Gerstle,, will meet with individual property owners from the South and North Sections to discuss the optimal choices for each parcel of land, i.e., a reduction or elimination of canyon wall excavation vs. creek side modifications to attain a workable roadway design.

Property owners in the designated South and North sections should receive a letter from BOCO inviting you to schedule individual meeting times to discuss your property. It’s OK to contact Andrew Barth, Communications ( or 303-441-1032) and/or Dan Delange, Project Mgr. ( or 303-441-7039) right now to schedule.

BOCO recognizes that many residents need to meet outside of traditional business hours and will work with you on finding an acceptable time to meet. Before scheduling your meeting, please discuss with your immediate neighbor(s) your concerns and considerations for your property(s). 

  1. For the moment, individualized meetings are for property owners whose immediate surroundings will be directly impacted.
  2. A Four Mile Canyon Community Meeting will likely be scheduled in late-November to review the plans.

Design options have opened up with the help from the newly formed Four Mile Canyon Watershed Coalition headed by Maya McHamer.

The Coalition is a grant-supported, nongovernmental agency tasked with helping property owners restore flood damage and guide watershed restoration along Fourmile Creek. The Coalition has two initial project in the works—watershed at the mouth of the canyon and the large section of Fourmile Creek running north of Logan Mill Road. Engineers from Michael Baker International are assisting, and BOCO wishes to work in conjunction with the Coalition.

  • Additionally, property owners needing bridge/culvert repairs to obtain permanent BOCO access permitting should know that the Transportation Dept. is working on securing grants to assist with your expenses. 
  • The sooner property owners are able to meet with the Transportation Dept. the sooner a final design can be adopted. Yes, we’re still facing major disruption and construction in our canyon, but with your continued support we’ll achieve a much better result.
  • Further, paving of all of Four Mile Canyon Drive to the Salina Junction, and Gold Run Road through Salina will not occur until the construction of the North and South Sections are completed. 
From our meeting with BOCO, I sincerely feel that they heard our concerns, they recognize that canyon residents have been severely impacted by the 2010 Fire and 2013 Flood, and that the work they perform along Four Mile Canyon Drive will have a permanent, long term impact on all users.

We are moving forward.

This is definitely a process.

We were very impressed with the new design work that clearly shows less impact; and the County’s willingness to work with Four Mile Canyon residents. Other important meetings are currently in the works and I will keep you informed.

Your comments and questions are welcomed. 

Thank you. Take care,

Valerie Conway

Friends of Four Mile Canyon

Valerie Conway – original explanation and overview (From Boulder Camera Article , July 25,2015)

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