Four Mile Fire Chief Bret Gibson went over many details and concerns around fire issues. He stressed there is an 80% likelihood that our community will be affected by fire in the coming years. We are 100% underinsured because insurance policies typically do not include things like the foundation, septic, and well, yet these do get damaged/destroyed in major fires. Moreover Boulder County codes (such as Boulder County Build Green) have higher rebuild standards and costs than are allotted in most insurance policies.

He recommends googling “underinsured Colorado” and do some research as well as reviewing information at United Policyholders “Roadmap to Recovery Program” and the Colorado specific information on the site. We all received a helpful handout A Guide to Your Homeowners Policy”. In addition, folks should consider getting Flood Insurance and also looking at Terrorism Insurance which covers incidents where there is intent to harm which one would not necessarily think of as terrorism (i.e. someone hitting your house with a vehicle). Take pictures of your valuables and create a list of the contents of your house. In addition, make sure you have a list of what to take and do in an evacuation situation.

Gibson heavily emphasized the trauma and loss that occurs when people lose their homes and that folks should not rely on insurance.

The best offense is doing mitigation now. He urged us to have a solid 3 feet cleared around all of our houses. This should have nothing combustible. Ideally folks will have a 3-30 ft zone. The Four Mile Fire Department is happy to come and inspect your home as long as it is in either the Four Mile or Sunshine Fire departments.

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